A Mess Masquerading As a Masterpiece

How bad is the news for Obamacare? The 7 million signups needed by the end of this month are probably not going to materialize. We’re told there are 4.2 million right now, and no one really knows for sure how many of those have actually paid a premium. The percentage of young people signing up is only about 25% when they need close to 40% for this to be financially workable. This is, as many people have commented over the past months, a train wreck ready to happen, and the president is the one telling the train where to go:


We’re also told that 90% of the uninsured have not yet taken advantage of the offered insurance. Let’s see, who was this act for, ostensibly? If 90% of the uninsured aren’t taking the bait, what’s the point in having this program anyway? But if you listen to the president and his paid talking heads, and believe what they are saying, you would think everything’s going swimmingly:

Looking Good

You’ve heard of the blind leading the blind? We’re experiencing it daily in America right now.

Then, just yesterday, more news. Another change to Obamacare mandated unilaterally by President Obama. You probably didn’t hear about this yet because it was all rather hush-hush. It seems this plan is so much of a disaster that the vaunted individual mandate is all but gone. One commentator reports,

In a very quiet regulatory shift issued just last week, the individual mandate tax “hardship” exemption was expanded to include pretty much anyone willing to “attest” that they’ve experienced some sort of trouble obtaining insurance.

The trouble can be simply that they cannot afford the high premiums in the Obamacare “marketplace.” This exemption runs through 2016. That’s not suspicious now, is it? Nothing political here; nothing to see; ignore the obvious.

Do Not Open

It’s just another ploy to survive an election. This makes it clear the law is in dire straits. This is actually a happy day for those of us who want to see it go down in flames.

Meanwhile, we’re assured this signature piece of legislation is a masterpiece that just needs a little touch up:

Not Finished Yet

Actually, it’s a mess masquerading as a masterpiece. Why would anyone want to buy it?