Clintonspeak vs. Obamaspeak

Keith Koffler, a veteran White House reporter who nows hosts the website White House Dossier, recently commented on the nature of the lies being told by the Obama team, from the president himself through his various cabinet officials and on down the line. He said,

God help us. And I used to think Slick Willie was bad. But nothing prepared me for this group. At least spin us the old fashioned way, you know—a little obfuscation, some misleading information, a nice pickled red herring.

DON’T JUST OUTRIGHT LIE TO US! I mean, where’s the artistry in that?

What he’s saying is that we’ve reached a whole new level of bald-faced lies. One of the greatest practitioners of that approach is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who went to the Senate chamber last week to deny that anyone is being negatively affected by Obamacare. In fact, he clearly stated that all the horror stories being told about it are “untrue.”

If you follow his logic, he’s claiming that all those people who have come forward to give an account of how they’ve lost their previous healthcare plans, how they’ve lost their doctors, how they no longer have the treatments they need for cancer and other life-threatening conditions—they are all lying. It’s all somehow a plot by the unamerican Koch brothers, the evil funders of evil Republicans. So we are to trust Harry Reid because he would never mislead us.

None Are True

After all, he has more clarity on this subject than those who claim to be experiencing problems:

Lying Eyes

I would be tempted to think Sen. Reid has lost some connection to reality if I didn’t believe this is all an orchestrated ploy, designed to convince that vast audience of apathetic, uninformed voters that everything is just fine:

Not Real

The root of the problem is lying, for sure, but not in the way Sen. Reid tells us:

Real Liar

It’s hard not to be thoroughly disgusted by the actions of Harry Reid. Yet he’s just one mouthpiece. Whether it’s Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, or President Obama himself, the words and attitudes are identical. We’ve gone beyond Clintonspeak, which was an attempt to cover up personal misdeeds; Obamaspeak is far more insidious.