An Incipient Tryanny

While Obamacare, or the remnants of it, at least,  remains a top news story, the rising theme, which is even making its way into the mainstream media, is the budding tyranny of all things Obama. I want to be careful when I use a word like tyranny; it can be overused and/or misused by those who have always seen it everywhere. But there comes a time when one must point out patterns.

Yul BrynnerI’ve commented regularly about Obama’s belief that he can merely declare things from his perch as president. That’s not what the Constitution says. Some commentators have even noted that his abuse of executive orders has now been surpassed by simple declarations, as if he doesn’t even need to make something look official. Just say it, and it will be done. It kind of reminds me of Yul Brynner playing Pharaoh in the classic film The Ten Commandments, who kept repeating, “So let it be written, so let it be done.” Do we now have our own pharaoh?

The media has carried the water for this president in so many ways. If not for Fox, there would be no mention anymore of the IRS abuses, nor of the ongoing investigation, an investigation that put Obama cronies in charge. The man who did that is Eric Holder, another Obama crony. Now we find out, despite the outcry over the targeting of conservative groups, a proposed IRS regulation seeks to limit further the free speech of tax-exempt organizations. There is an effort in Congress to stop that regulation from going into effect. We’ll see how that fares. Suppressing the vote worked for Obama in 2012:

For the Record

If that proposed regulation becomes law—or what passes for law anymore—we can expect more of the same:

Help the Dems

And if you dare to become a public critic of the president, especially if your criticism is well received by a large audience, you may find yourself in the position that filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza currently finds himself. D’Souza, for a relatively minor offense of trying to find ways to send more funds to a political campaign (and we’re not talking large amounts here; nothing like the Obama “bundlers” who then get ambassadorships to countries they’ve never visited and about which they know virtually nothing), was handcuffed, threatened with a 5-7-year prison sentence, and given a $500,000 bail. Others who broke campaign laws in a similar fashion were never “perp-walked,” given any prison time, or saddled with such a high bail amount. What’s the lesson here?


The oppressive nature of this regime is manifesting itself with increasing regularity. I haven’t even touched on the moral issues of parental rights, the right of businesses to operate without being forced to violate their religious convictions, and the attempt to shove same-sex marriage into the mainstream of society. Entire blog posts, even books, could now be written on the multiplication of such cases in this administration.

Is this what it has come to?

Govt of Obama

This has gone beyond amusing or annoying. This is an incipient tyranny.