The Power Grab

President Obama’s pledge to act unilaterally, ignoring Congress, to do what he deems best for the country, even has Democrats nervous. Many who are running for reelection are also running just as quickly away from their ties to Obama. Up until now, the main reason for their scramble to disassociate themselves from their leader has been the disaster known as Obamacare. That hasn’t changed, but now his unprecedented power grab has provided another reason for their angst.

Even normally sympathetic news sources are finding it difficult to avoid his previous statements on this issue, and the stark hypocrisy involved:

When I'm President

Of course, if they had been more objective all along, they wouldn’t be so surprised by this latest maneuver; it’s become his trademark.

All of this wouldn’t be as bad as it is if there were a real opposition party that knew what it was doing. Republicans often talk like an opposition, but when it comes to acting, they have a habit of falling short and acting out of political expediency instead:

Go Left

Their unwillingness to fight as a unified force only accelerates our plunge over the fiscal cliff. They have to get their act together:

How They Practiced

Meanwhile, the president goes about his task of remaking America. He is a legend in his own mind:

By Executive Order

Do those other faces look a trifle dismayed? They should.