The Obamacare Follies (cont.)

I might as well continue the Obamacare commentary today, particularly since political cartoonists are having such a wonderful time skewering all the latest follies emanating from it. Their inventiveness in depicting its foibles and the president’s stumbling and unconstitutional efforts to salvage it is impressive.

The most Alice-in-Wonderland defense of the law’s job-destroying features came directly from a White House spokesman, a supposed economist who tried to convince a stunned public that losing all these jobs was actually a good thing for people:


Believe it or not, that was even too bizarre for some of the Obama media. Yet there will always be a segment of the population that can be fooled all the time:

Full Speed Ahead

It may dawn on them someday that this is not really a benefit.

The other half of the incredulity that has become the Obama administration was another of the endless “revisions” to the Obamacare law, to the point now that it’s hardly even a law anymore. It’s only whatever the president wants it to be from day to day. Imagine trying to accomplish anything in life if you never can rely on the steadiness of the law. If the Obama approach were to be applied to sports, for instance, no game would ever be played:


Chess Rules Living Document

It’s even worse when the Constitution is viewed as a so-called “living” document. If it gets in the way, throw it out.

What’s all this really about? Political survival. Getting past the November congressional elections. Letting the next administration take the heat from Obamacare’s consequences by putting off the full results as long as possible.


I’m just hoping that final panel won’t become reality. If it does, our agony will be ongoing.