Another Royal Decree

While it would be nice to turn to a different subject, Obamacare made news again yesterday. The president, apparently from his royal seat in the White House Throne Room, declared that the employer mandate for companies between 50 and 100 employees would now be delayed through 2015. I’ve lost count of the number of alterations to this “law” that Obama has made simply by royal fiat. As much as I’m opposed to the law, I’m equally opposed to the capricious, unlawful manner in which any law can be set aside. Using the same approach, what would stop a future Republican president from deciding to postpone this law until . . . oh, how about the year 3000?

First, just the fact that the president feels the need to continue to revise key aspects of Obamacare, should be a slap-in-the-face wake-up call to those who somehow keep the faith with this man and his “vision” for the country. If something is this flawed to begin with, how flawed is the philosophy behind it and the man who promotes the philosophy? What does it take for people to realize how truly awful and unworkable this is?

Disappointing Result

And of course this comes right on the heels of the CBO report I wrote about yesterday that predicts Obamacare will add to its string of victims by encouraging the loss of 2.3 million full-time jobs.

Return the Favor

If enough voters come to that conclusion, we eventually may get a reprieve from this foolishness and outright destruction of not only our healthcare system, but our economy as well.