Obamacare: Killing the Workforce & the Work Ethic

When the CBO report came out last week, tripling its previous estimate of potential job losses via Obamacare, the number should have been shocking to everyone. Whenever a policy strips 2.3 million people from the full-time job market, one might expect concern on both ends of the political spectrum. Not so.

Instead, we have the spectacle of Democrats defending the loss of jobs by saying it’s a good thing that people won’t be locked in to their jobs—that they will have free time to do other things instead. That’s great. I like doing other things, too. But paying the bills is kind of important, isn’t it?

Liberation from Work

And what about the nation’s work ethic? When do subsidies get to the point that we undermine even the will to work?

Won't Work

No matter how you try to dress up this pig called Obamacare, it’s still a pig [I apologize ahead of time to those in the pig-loving community]. The economics of it just don’t make sense:

Economic Footprint

In an attempt to fix something that didn’t need a massive overhaul in the first place, we’ve created an even greater problem. It’s as if this administration went out of its way to kill any hope of a genuine recovery:

Run Over Jobs

Some of us already were concerned about the death panels for individuals. Now that concern has enlarged its scope:

US Workforce

There is nothing good about Obamacare. It needs to be the object of a death panel.