The O’Reilly-Obama Interview

O'Reilly InterviewDid you watch the interview Bill O’Reilly did with President Obama? There were two parts—the live portion on Super Bowl Sunday and the taped portion that he showed on his program last night. As always, reaction runs the gamut, but I think the consensus from balanced people is that O’Reilly was polite but firm, and that he asked questions Obama has never been asked yet by any other reporter. Of course, that’s because he has avoided being in a situation where he could be asked.

I think the live portion of the interview was better because O’Reilly did his best to hold Obama’s feet to the fire on Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and Obamacare. On the taped segment, the best exchange came on the issue of the much-delayed Keystone Pipeline. Obama wouldn’t commit to approving it; O’Reilly asserted his vagueness could be understood as a decision to approve. Obama just stared.

There was one constant throughout the interview: Obama’s unwillingness to directly answer questions, as he attempted to deflect those questions either by changing the subject or accusing Fox News of stoking fires that have already gone out. As far as he was concerned, those were all non-issues.

Benghazi? All that’s been investigated; the attack wasn’t all that organized (despite the conclusion from a Senate committee led by Democrats that determined otherwise). If it weren’t for Fox, Obama intimated, no one would care about it anymore. Well, he’s right about that, but not in the way he meant. Thank goodness there is one news organization that continues to press for real answers.

The IRS? Why, none of the investigations have uncovered corruption. In fact, he asserted, there was not even a “smidgen” of corruption to be found. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Obamacare? It’s working wonderfully. Millions are signing up. It was all fixed a month or so after the disastrous rollout. No problems anymore. As for why he didn’t fire Kathleen Sebelius . . . well, he gave a non-answer, never even mentioning her name in response to the question. No, we’re just concentrating on doing the right thing for the American people, he assured us.

For those who haven’t yet drunk the Obama koolaid, this interview should have given them pause. Why all the ducking and dodging? Why no straight answers? No corruption? No terrorist attack? Obamacare working just as it was intended?

Either our president is living in a fantasy world or he’s simply committed to the strategy that says if you say the same thing often enough with enough force, people will start believing what you say is true, regardless of the evidence. Neither option should make anyone comfortable.