The State of Our Union

The State of the Union Address is tonight. I used to enjoy watching some of those, especially when Reagan was president. Now, not so much. Everyone knows in advance what President Obama will say. He’ll be on the attack, blaming Republicans for stopping his agenda. He may even repeat his threat of a few days ago when he said he would go around Congress and operate by executive orders. He’s already been doing that, to the extent that he can get away with it.

The sad thing is a recent poll showed 52% of the public agreed he should act unilaterally if Congress doesn’t. We are living in a knowledge desert; few really understand the reasonable constitutional limitations on the presidency. There are those who do grasp the significance of what the Founders bequeathed to us:

Personal Copy

But the ones who do take the rule of law seriously are treated by the media as a fringe movement, out of touch with reality. Well, when it comes to the Unaffordable Care Act, just who is more out of touch? We keep hearing the administration paint a rosy picture of its future, even though most people are coming to the realization that the rosy picture has left out all the thorns:

Water's Fine

We don’t like to use the word “lie” when it comes to our president, but it’s past time to be honest about his manifold lies. Oscar nominations were announced recently. Perhaps he and his “production company” could have a corner on one award:

American Hustle

You know how the cable news channels always have a crawl at the bottom of the screen, keeping us informed of the latest headlines? Tonight, as the president speaks to the nation, wouldn’t it be interesting to see that crawl keeping the audience well informed about what they are hearing?

Lied to You

Sen. Ted Cruz has suggested President Obama should use the speech to apologize for Obamacare. Sounds good to me, but I’m hardly expecting it. Commentator Peggy Noonan may have made an astute observation when she wrote that we’re at the stage where nothing the president says means anything anymore. She doesn’t believe most people listen to him now, that he has become irrelevant. I think she may be close to the truth. If only the American people had come to that point prior to the last election, or better yet, in 2008. We could have avoided this national death march.