Our Consistent President

One thing I’ll say about President Obama that might sound like praise is that he is proving to be consistent. However, one must always examine the consistency. In his case, I’ve concluded he’s just as off-base and dangerous in foreign policy as in domestic. He brags about how he has Al Qaeda on the run, but now Al Qaeda elements are threatening to overrun key areas of Iraq. The entire American endeavor in that country—overthrowing tyranny and helping set up a stable ally in the Middle East—is close to failure due to Obama’s cut-and-run policy. All his bravado in words now comes across as more than a little hollow:

Al Qaeda

He also has foisted on us a so-called deal with Iran, which is the primary abettor of violence in the region. Even the Iranian leader recently boasted that this deal was a victory over the West. For some odd reason, our president and secretary of state believe Iran will be more moderate in the future, so we can drop all those nasty sanctions:

Be Nicer

And as I documented in a post last week, the whole Benghazi affair is blowing up in his face. If only the mainstream media would do its job, everyone by now would know about the ineptitude, obstruction of justice, and stream of lies that are at the root of that fiasco/tragedy. But the media is in full protection mode again, not only shielding its current heartthrob but also its next “dream” president:

Line of Duty

I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to say we’ve never seen the likes of this, or at least to this extent, in American history. And as a history professor, I hope my opinion might carry some weight.