Obamacare Update

According to the Obama administration, Obamacare is now humming along. Of course, according to the Obama administration, Al Qaeda is on the run, nothing criminal was done in the IRS scandal, no one deserves to be fired for any of the ongoing scandals, gun-running to Mexican drug cartels was a good idea, a video caused deaths in Benghazi, and we’re still the best friend Israel ever had. So, without question, we should feel at ease with the assurance that all is well. Hey, the website is now a model of efficiency, right?

Website Works

Well, not if you’re a Spanish speaker trying to find health insurance. Apparently, whoever was tasked with creating the Spanish translation on the site had one little issue—not knowing Spanish:

Bang Head Here

Even if the website should ever be a smooth operation, all it leads you to is higher premiums, sky-high deductibles, and coverage for things you don’t necessarily want—most men don’t really need maternity coverage.

The latest brag is that more than two million have picked plans. Some context: people are being forced into choosing those plans because their previous plans have been taken away; only 24% of those who have chosen plans are in the youngest demographic, meaning there won’t be enough funds to handle all the people who need medical care; there’s no indication yet, at least that I’ve read, that those two million have all paid for what they’ve chosen simply because the site continues to have problems linking to the insurers; for this to “work,” at least seven million have to be in the system by the end of March, but estimates now say millions more are necessary due to the lack of young people failing to take the bait.

What a wonderful government program this is.

Side Effects

Later this year, when President Obama tries to encourage the younger generation with all the possibilities for their future, you might want to take what he says with the proverbial grain of salt:

Graduation Speech