Resolutions That Must Be Kept

Before we get too far into this new year, let’s review some resolutions that should be made by our political leaders. Here are some possibilities:


I like those. Republicans definitely do need to be more positive. They need to believe they can change things and not just minimize the damage. The majority of Republicans, especially in Congress, lack initiative to show true leadership. It’s time to step up.

Democrats, as the cartoon suggests, need to lay aside partisanship. Harry Reid & Co. in the Senate refuse to compromise on anything. I know, the media portrays this differently; to them, it’s always the Republicans who aren’t compromising. But I beg to differ. It seems to me that with the Democrats, everything is political. All decisions are based on whether they will help with reelection. Ignore what’s right for the country.

The Obama resolution would be nice to hear, but even nicer to see in operation. His reputation for telling the truth is in shambles. Of course, I never believed from the first day he ran for president that he would be on the side of truth. Now—finally—a lot of people are waking up to this reality. It would be great if voters would wise up in the way the voter in the cartoon has.

Oh, and if you ever hear Obama make this promise, you know how much you can trust him to fulfill it:

Conservative Group

And here’s piece of advice for the upcoming November congressional elections:

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