Obamacare Confusion: The Neverending Story

The new year is the same old same old when it comes to Obamacare. It’s now officially underway. Already there are reports of problems as healthcare providers can’t verify that some people really have the insurance they signed up for. The administration is touting a figure of 2.1 million signups, but refuses to say how many of those have actually paid a premium. In other words, it’s like counting everyone who puts a commodity in a shopping cart but hasn’t yet decided whether to buy it. Neither are we told how many of the customers are young and healthy. Indications are that most are older and will need more care. If true, the system will be a financial basket case.

Of course, the only reason there are signups for this lemon in the first place is that people are being forced out of the insurance plans they already have. The government, always omniscient, has simply declared most of those plans to be “substandard.” By whose definition? The people who had the plans, by and large, seemed to be quite satisfied with what they had.

Every time the administration paints a rosy picture of what’s transpiring with Obamacare, we should immediately suspect it’s not the whole story:

Climb on Board

The glitches have been so monumental that all kinds of patches have been applied, beginning with Obama’s tendency to imperiously choose who is exempt and who is not:

Except for You

Never mind that he has no constitutional authority to alter a law autonomously—he just does it anyway. And if a deadline can’t be met, no problem—just change the deadline:

Further Review

Well, that’s one way to “win” the game. We don’t have a president; we have a would-be monarch who believes in divine right of kings. About the only thing remaining in this law that is unchanged is the individual mandate. But be prepared; that’s probably going to disappear also:

Individual Mandate

In one sense, this is good. The entire edifice may come crashing down. However, the strategy appears to be to allow these delays to soften the blow, get past the November congressional elections, and then have the full brunt of the law hit everyone. Remember, thus far it has affected only those who have individual insurance plans. The 80% of citizens who have group plans are the next target.

What are we to make of all this confusion? Perhaps we need a translator for the monarch?

Perfect Sense

Oh, there’s another little twist: all of a sudden we’re told the administration never said it needed 7 million people to be registered for Obamacare to make it work. Again, never mind that they are on the record saying it; they now declare it wasn’t them really saying it. Huh?


This is only going to get worse before it gets better, and it will only get better if the American voters come to their senses in November.