The Four Pinocchios Award

Political cartoons usually provide the best humor on current events, but sometimes a regular cartoon can do so without intending to. Let’s see if this Garfield cartoon makes you think of someone in particular:


Maybe I’m too politically attuned, but I caught a glimmer of our current leader, perhaps striking a pose similar to another disgraced president:

Crossed Fingers

Yes, he has similarities to Mr. Nixon, except he’s taken the art of lying to a new level. Even the liberal organization Politifact, which gives out “awards” for the most outrageous lies, has recognized Obama’s talents in this area:

Lie of Year

That image of Pinocchio actually comes from the Washington Post, which gave Obama its lowest rating of four Pinocchios for his whopper about being able to keep one’s health insurance . . . period. I can’t recall the last time anyone accused the Post of being part of the vast rightwing conspiracy. As others have pointed out, though, giving him the award for 2013 only is somewhat limited—he’s been telling that whopper since 2009.

What can one do when caught in a bald-faced lie? Well, there’s another ex-president who is an expert on that. Perhaps he has some advice for the present administration:


Clinton maintained approval ratings above 60% even when it was obvious he lied. Will Obama be able to match that? It all depends on how subservient the media will be—will his friends continue to point out the problems or will they pretend all is well—and how gullible the American public will be.

By the way, bearing false witness is one of the Big Ten in God’s book.