Nothing to Brag About

Until today, this has been an Obamacare-free blog this week, but it’s important to keep in touch with what’s happening with the worst policy and worst website in American history, so let’s have a short update.

The website supposedly is better now. But that depends on one’s definition of the word. If by “better,” one means a site where you still cannot make a payment for the plan you think you’ve enrolled in, then this site qualifies. Or if you’re looking for a place to enter personal information that can be hacked and used by anyone who successfully navigates the virtually non-existent security, you have found a “home.”

The administration likes to tout the fact that people can now see what they might actually be paying. That’s a plus?

Sticker Shock

With premiums regularly higher than in their cancelled plans and deductibles through the roof, so that you wonder why you have insurance at all, this can hardly be something the Obama people would want to brag about. Of course, not everyone has to worry as much about those high prices because they won’t be pushed into the exchange:


Yes, there are those who are more privileged than the rabble who are forced to choose one of the government’s options. But don’t despair; you may be able to get a subsidy:


After all, the government has a pile of money somewhere to help you out, right? Or maybe they have to get it from somewhere else?

Nothing is free. There is always a cost. With this Obamacare boondoggle, the cost will only keep rising. And you will pay for it.