Lampooning a Turkey

I didn’t really intend for most of this week’s postings to be about Obamacare. I mean, there are other things in life. But the cartoonists are doing such a wonderful job of lampooning this turkey that it’s hard to stop sharing the fruit of their labors.

For instance, we were assured that the exchange website was “fixed”; here’s one representation of just how “fixed” it really is:


Then there’s the fantasy world that Obamacare supporters live in; that’s come in for some skewering as well:

My Circle

That kind of reminds me of the New York City resident who, after Richard Nixon won 49 states in the 1972 election, was flabbergasted; after all, she said, she didn’t know anyone who voted for Nixon. Well, of course not; she needed to get around a little more and discover that New York City does not comprise the entire nation.

The whole Obamacare website experience can perhaps be summed up by this offering:

Seems Really Safe

Try it. You won’t like it.