All the King’s Horses . . .

Obamacare World, this new fantasy park created by the current administration, has more glitches than just a horribly inept website. The bigger problems will become obvious after the site is fixed eventually. That’s when those who are forced to buy their insurance through it will have to face a new reality:

Hunger Games

Not to mention the other boot dropping next year when employer-based plans begin to go belly-up. The millions to be affected by that will dwarf present miseries. If we protest, what will be the response from on high?

Off with Their Coverage

It’s really rather astounding that the administration keeps insisting it’s going to be a wonderful experience for everyone. On what basis can they make that claim, considering how it has begun?

Even Better

The optimism would be amusing if not for the dire consequences:

Land Ahead

Let’s be honest. Here’s the situation we face:

All the King's Horses

I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: our best hope now is that it truly is unfixable. This bad egg is fried. Then we can start again from scratch and do it right.