Threat Levels

Does something have to crash and burn before a majority of Americans realize how awful it is? Well, if so, Obamacare is close to becoming the prime example, and all those conservatives who tried to sound warnings all along this policy road are now viewed as rather prophetic, even as the accusations against them continue:


Even the author of this train wreck may soon be seeking anonymity:

Concerned Citizen

Question: how does one know the extent of the trouble one is in? How about if one of history’s classic liars takes you to task for lying?

Never Lie

Obama’s lies have become the center of attention in the political world. The general public, which often chooses to ignore what’s really happening in politics until it’s too late, is stunned by the brazenness of those lies. But they don’t begin and end with all those phony Obamacare promises:

Can't Believe

And how many Americans, eager for a quick fix, fail to understand that even Obama’s quick fixes are just as phony? Oh, and there’s another problem also:

Civics Quiz

Let’s go one step deeper: Where in the U.S. Constitution is the federal government authorized to do anything at all on the issue of health insurance? The general public is currently exercised over the abominable rollout of Obamacare, but that’s merely the surface problem. Go a step deeper and you come face to face with the bad policy itself, which is now causing havoc, and will only get worse if the employer mandate ever becomes reality.

But you have to go even deeper to grasp the ultimate problem—a president who is willing to shred the Constitution and the rule of law itself. If he’s successful at that, the constitutional republic is at an end.

We need to fight at all these levels.

Yes, decry the foolishness behind the botched rollout. Certainly, be relentless in pointing out the utter destruction that Obamacare leaves in its wake. Yet don’t neglect that deepest level, which overturns the very fabric of our society. Americans need to awaken to that threat, which is the most dangerous of all, and which gives rise to the other problems.