Those Obamacare Numbers

The Obamacare numbers were released yesterday. According to Obama’s people, only 106,000 are enrolled nationwide. That’s a little short of the seven million needed to make this work. There are also questions about how many of those are younger people, which have to sign up to ensure it is really funded. Old people signing up—those who have more health expenses—are not the target. Yet we’re not being told which demographic is turning out for this boondoggle.

There’s one more thing: it appears that 106,000 itself is far too optimistic. It counts all who put an insurance plan in their shopping cart but haven’t necessarily paid for it. In other words, they may have gotten to the end and had second thoughts. This is getting more embarrassing with each new revelation:


By the way, only about 26,000 of that hyperinflated number used the site. The others used state exchanges. What a great success story. Even if the website gets fixed eventually, the real problem will come to the forefront, and the administration may have to face up to a significant fact:


Remember the promise that those who are forced into Obamacare will find their premiums lowered by an average cost of $2500 annually? It looks like it’s going to add that much annually instead. People are getting upset, and rightly so. They are losing their plans and being forced into this monstrosity against their will. The president’s unapologetic apology a few days ago rings rather hollow:

This Situation

Yet he can always count on his backers to find excuses for him:

Obamacare Truthers

Meanwhile, his party is getting nervous. Democrat congressmen’s instinct for self-preservation is taking over. Their biggest fear?


May this fear be realized. November 2014 can’t come soon enough.