Trusting Untrustworthy Sources

I don’t read the New York Times. I guess that makes me unsophisticated. It also keeps me from being misled. According to recent accounts, if you were to make the Times your only source of news, you wouldn’t know much of anything about Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, DOJ overreach against reporters [come on, Times, those are your kind of people], or the real problems with Obamacare. You might know there is controversy on each of these issues, but you wouldn’t be getting all the facts because there is a full-scale attempt to shield President Obama from his foibles/lies/deliberate plans to “transform” America.

Pruning Service

Of course, the Times gets a lot of help. MSNBC and CNN have lost all credibility as genuine sources of news. They are now little more than apologists for the president. Sometimes it seems as if there is no limit to the lengths to which they will go to spin a story in his favor. The Mallard Fillmore comic strip recently showcased the effort. While exaggeration is used to make the point, humor only works when there is an element of truth in it:

Magic Pres

Best Media Ever

Getting Embarrassing

We are in need of great discernment. You can’t simply accept everything you read. I would also note here that I am cautious about relaying some accounts from conservative websites, especially if something is almost too good to be true. I wait a while to ensure that whatever is being said can be confirmed. Even on my side of the political spectrum there can be a tendency to jump on a story that doesn’t have enough evidence. One doesn’t help one’s cause by transmitting falsehoods.

The media bias in favor of this president, however—and all things progressive—is too well documented to fear misstatement. Indeed, the greater error lies on the side of those who ignore the bias and continue to trust untrustworthy sources.