Obamacare Thus Far

Let’s review how Obamacare has worked thus far. On the first day the website was open for business, a grand total of six people nationwide enrolled. By the end of the second day, a massive 248 had entered the system. In states where one actually could access an exchange, upwards of 80-90% signed up for Medicaid rather than Obamacare. I wasn’t aware Medicaid was an option. All those new Medicaid recipients don’t put money into the system; rather, they take it out.

Then there’s been the effect on private insurance plans. The stringent Obamacare requirements for including the kitchen sink along with regular coverage has led to a couple million people losing their private insurance, which was really part of the overall strategy from the beginning. This administration is no friend of private insurers; it is pushing people into the government operation:

Private Health Plans

Individuals who are then forced into Obamacare suffer from sticker shock:

Reflexes Normal

The promises had been wonderful: you can keep your plan if you like it; the average person will see a $2500 drop in premiums; everyone will end up being insured. And the band plays on, somewhat reminiscent of another historic disaster:

Keep Playing

Perhaps this is, in actuality, one of those stimulus jobs Obama promised at the beginning of his presidency:

Shovel Ready

Meanwhile, that portion of the media that is still doing its job is trying to figure out how long Kathleen Sebelius will hold onto hers. One cartoonist has an ingenious suggestion for her next career move:


We used to hear voices seeking to put President Obama on Mt. Rushmore, alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Now, not so much. There is an alternative being floated:

Mt. Stupid