Praying for Failure

I’m in kind of a hurry this morning, so all profound thoughts are going to have to come from other sources. Fortunately, the political cartoonists are having a field day with the aftermath of the so-called shutdown and the so-called rollout of Obamacare. Let’s start with the shutdown. How did the media analyze the reason for it?

Dangerous Blackmailer

The White House chose to chime in with its moderate rhetoric:

White House Glossary

It appears the White House is moderate in its rhetoric where it should be more forceful, and vice versa. Meanwhile, the public is just so relieved that government is now operating as it had prior to the shutdown:

Shutdown's Over

Up and Running

Obamacare is now center stage, and it is flopping spectacularly. President Obama tried to rally his troops yesterday, declaring it is a good product with good prices, and that all the “kinks” with the website will be worked out eventually. Well, I hope not. Yes, I will say it—I want it to fail. Why? We need as many roadblocks as possible to stop the implementation of this government takeover. Most people will focus on the glitches, but those are merely the external results of massive incompetence. The real problem is deeper and has to do with the philosophy of the program itself:

House Call

This is why I want it to fail. I’m cheering on the incompetence; it’s our best hope at the moment:

O'Care Inc.

One has to wonder how many passes a compliant media will give this inept administration:


If we allow this monstrosity to become entrenched, the future is bleak:

Oversold Load

Rush Limbaugh got a lot of heat at the beginning of the Obama tenure when he said he hoped the new president would fail in carrying out his plans. He had good reasons to pray for failure, because if Obama succeeds, we all lose.