Shutdown Absurdities Illustrated

Yesterday, I highlighted the stunning actions of the Obama administration to make life as difficult as possible for Americans during this supposed shutdown. I think it’s important to reiterate that shutdown is a term that overreaches; with over 80% of the government still functioning, a more accurate word would be “slimdown.”

Cartoonists are now catching up with the absurdities I mentioned in the last post. For instance, in regard to monuments being closed off to the public, this seems appropriate:

Obama Monument

When alternative media try to draw attention to the intentional policy of “making life difficult,” we’re told:

Nothing to See Here

The attitude behind the closing of the WWII Memorial is captured well in this illustration of a proposed temporary monument:

Temporary Memorial

Our president is just so respectful of the military, isn’t he?

Then there’s our “leader” in the United States Senate who, flustered with a reporter’s question about funding the National Institutes of Health to help even one child with cancer, responded in a fit of pique:

Money Pit

Okay, I admit the second panel is not what he said, but it does reveal the sad truth.

Which of our citizens, by the way, seem to be most upset over this slimdown? While Republicans want it to end, and have shown their desire by passing eight bills in the House (which the Senate refuses to debate or vote on), others are wringing their hands, distraught over any disruption in government:


The difference seems to be that those who don’t depend on government for their sustenance, or look to government for their purpose in life, still have a life, despite what’s transpiring in Washington. The perpetually nervous are aided in their nervousness by the mainstream media, which appears to have a favorite in this standoff:


How has the media portrayed blame in this latest episode? The same way it always does:


Wake up, America. You’re not being told the truth. Again.