Political Cartoon Potpourri Day

Let’s cover a few topics today and let the political cartoons carry most of the commentary. Regular readers know I like to do this occasionally. I could attribute this to a bit of laziness on my part or simply to my deep appreciation of the cartoonists’ wit. I’ll choose the latter.

In response to the terrorist attack on a shopping mall in Kenya by Islamists who gunned down only Christians, here’s a sobering assessment:

Group Photo

Yes, we’re still waiting for expressed outrage by the proponents of the religion of peace.

There’s another religion out there undergoing a crisis of faith, although that’s not the way the mainstream media is reporting it. In fact, they’re not reporting it at all. What do I mean? The following will explain:

Arctic Sea Ice

Ignore Data

So what can the high priest of this religion do about it? Here’s one suggestion:

Poor Al Gore

The big news of the week, though, was Ted Cruz’s attempt to educate the public and his own colleagues about the dangers of Obamacare. Democrats, of course, have a different perspective on what’s really dangerous:


Anyone who bothered to listen to Cruz during any part of his 21-hour speech might have come away impressed with his logic and solid argumentation. But, again, his critics don’t like to be tutored in inconvenient things like facts. This comic strip, while not aimed at political argumentation, nevertheless captures the essence of the problem:

Winning an Argument

Perhaps that’s how Ted Cruz and those of us who attempt to point to the facts might feel at this moment. Take heart, though; the battle may be lost, but the war continues. Fight with integrity. God sees, and that’s ultimately what really matters.