One Clinton Was Bad Enough

Congress is in recess, so there have been no hearings recently on the multitude of scandals that have become the hallmark of the Obama administration. That will change. The question is whether most people will be aware of the renewed scrutiny; there is a concerted effort by the Democrat/media machine to keep these all-too-real scandals muted:

No Scandal

They are particularly eager to put Benghazi to rest; if the whole truth comes to light on that one, it could derail a certain presidential coronation. They will say there’s nothing there to see; after all, an accountability review board within the State Dept. has already cleared the previous secretary of state of any wrongdoing. Except, of course, that board was appointed by her and never interviewed her or others primarily responsible for the failed policy and the loss of life. Rather than accountability, it provided political protection:


We’ve been told the government is actively pursuing those who carried out that terrorist attack. Forgive me if this sounds somewhat familiar:

Real Killers

Questions need to be answered, and Congress is right to stay the course, no matter what the consequences. No one running for president, especially with the last name of Clinton, should be trusted to tell the truth. In the case of Hillary Clinton, that scrutiny should be doubled:


The first Clinton was damaging enough to the country. We don’t need another one.