Bitter Medicine

The Obamacare drama continues to fascinate. It’s all working out the way I and many others predicted it would: massive bureaucratic incompetence; skyrocketing costs; loss of private insurance plans; companies cutting back from full-time workers to part-time to avoid the financial burden it imposes. This has been bitter medicine indeed:


Complaints from the president’s natural allies—unions, government workers, etc.—have led to his decrees that certain parts of the law will be delayed. He has determined, apparently, that the letter of the law need not apply, and that he has full authority to change the rules at any time:

Suspended the Rules

This seems to be a pattern in his life. No matter how much Obama talks about being part of an underprivileged minority, if you examine his life carefully, he’s always received special favors, raised primarily by radical grandparents who gave him private schooling. He then somehow got into the most prestigious universities. Underprivileged? Not at all. Feelings of entitlement? Absolutely.

He seems to think he can pick and choose which rules are to be obeyed:

I'll Take That One

While claiming to have been a law professor—which was a stretch of his resumé—he has shown no regard whatsoever for constitutional limitations on his office. Under his rule, we have seen an unprecedented growth of executive department assertions of authority:

Obama Branches

The Founding Fathers would call this a tyranny. They were right.