Obamacare Confusion: Path to Liberty or Greater Control?

The mess that is Obamacare just keeps getting worse. It seems like every week another part of the “law” gets delayed. Not that I mind, of course, when it comes to the substance of the law. But the unprincipled way in which this administration handles what is supposed to be law is disturbing, since it’s almost always a violation of the rule of law itself:

U.S. Law

When it comes to Obamacare, people are getting more confused as it lumbers along. Some of that has to do with political chicanery:

Obamacare Puzzle

The delays are a combination of gross incompetence and political expediency. Obama knows his “landmark” legislation is wildly unpopular, and becoming more so with each new poll. He fears losing the Senate in the 2014 congressional elections, so he’s attempting to limit the damage by shoving this albatross down the road so fewer voters will feel its effects in the months leading up to the election.

The groups now opposing Obamacare number not only many unions that helped support it in the first place, but also over 90% of federal employees. There seems to be a lot of buyer’s remorse going around:

Voted for This

Conservatives warned of the consequences of this bill, but it was steamrolled through Congress anyway. It’s actually kind of funny/sad that the same arguments being used by this administration against a current proposed airline merger are the same ones conservatives used regarding Obamacare a few years ago:

Fight the Merger

While conservatives may chuckle about this development and rejoice that the rollout of this boondoggle has been so fraught with chaos, the danger is that all the chaos may make voters throw their hands in the air and demand order. That might not lead us toward greater liberty after all:

Almost There

I can see Obama now, reassuring the low-information voters that all this confusion can be resolved if we just let the government do it all. How many will drink that koolaid?

Eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty.