I feel an obligation to ensure that the various scandals of the Obama regime stay front and center. In a sense, it’s almost like reliving the Clinton years when a scandal a day seemed to pop up. Unfortunately, the general public became numbed to the incessant release of information, and because the economy was doing well, they didn’t want to be bothered by all the sleaze. Interestingly, the New York Times—perhaps the least likely of news sources—broke a story yesterday about the miserable financial mismanagement of the Clinton Foundation, and the possibility that the Clintons enriched themselves through this tax-exempt charity. If this story has legs, it could revive the disgust felt by many during those years; it also won’t help Hillary’s push for the White House. If it has legs. But that depends on the media, doesn’t it? As we’ve seen with the many Obama scandals, there’s no guarantee of that:

Tree in Forest

Meanwhile, the scandals roll along with only a trickle of information coming out of the administration. Kind of ironic, given the vast amounts of information we’ve accumulated:

Right to Remain Silent

Almost anything can be justified in our concern to stave off terrorist attacks:


While I believe the concern is legitimate, there have to be limitations.

Then there’s the unwillingness of Obama and his people to follow the law on many occasions. They seem to make it up as they go and decide whether carrying out the law fits their political interests:

Enforce the Law

That scandal might dwarf all the others.