Obamacare & the Rule of Law

The Obamacare machine lurches forward—if indeed “forward” is the right word. This thing is so full of troubles, some Republicans are hoping it self-destructs, allowing them to just watch it fall without much effort. While it’s tempting to hope for this outcome, it would be folly to depend on it. No matter how inefficient and problematic its rollout becomes, once subsidies begin flowing, it will be nearly impossible to stop it. I know the tactic being used by senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to defund it has its detractors—the main objection being Republicans will get the blame if this ends up shutting down some of government’s services—but I believe the effort is worth the risk. Frankly, if all Republicans, along with a few Democrats who know this is a train wreck, would unite, it could be stopped now. It’s always difficult to find backbones at the proper time.

The latest ludicrous development was the realization by members of Congress that the bill they passed will apply to themselves and their staffs. Perhaps if they had read the bill before they passed it? Anyway, the outcry was huge because they were afraid staff people couldn’t afford it. Wait a minute; wasn’t the name of this law the Affordable Care Act? Right.

So they argued there had to be a loophole or something before staffers decided to leave their jobs. Perhaps the funniest part of the panic was the fear that this would be a “brain drain” from Congress:

Brain Drain

I’m trying not to laugh. Really. With respect to a couple hundred of those congressmen, I don’t think we’d notice any drain at all. Their resignations, and the resignations of staffers who tell them how to vote, might actually raise the intellectual level of our premier lawmaking body.

The outcry was heard in the White House, where President Obama soothed their fears by giving them and their staffs taxpayer subsidies to cover the extra costs. They are, consequently, getting a benefit most other people won’t receive. I think that’s called special treatment. It’s reserved for supporters of the current regime.


The rest of us, meanwhile, remain on the Titanic.

There’s an even more ominous aspect to this:

I Write the Laws

It’s another example of how Obama simply “declares” something to be law, even though he has no authority to do so. He did the same as an end-run around immigration laws, just declaring that they didn’t apply to those of a certain age under specified circumstances. This is a president who has no regard at all for what is traditionally called the rule of law. If the president wants it, the president gets it. Congress is inconsequential. The Constitution is not a factor.

More than anything else, this attitude is the greatest threat to our future as a nation.