Islam in Obamaworld

I touched briefly yesterday on the administration’s decision to close American embassies for one week due to the rising threat level, at least according to the latest intelligence. I also questioned how effective that move could be, given that the terrorists only had to wait until those embassies reopen to carry out whatever deeds they have planned. If this was conceived as a policy for dealing with terrorism, it seems to be rather short-sighted. What will it accomplish overall? Of course, after the fiasco at Benghazi, I guess I should be thankful that the safety of Americans working at the embassies was taken into consideration for a change. Yet, one might ask, as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so infamously did, “What difference does it make?”

First of all, it’s hard to have a coherent policy toward terror when one refuses to recognize that a War on Terror exists. President Obama, rhetorically, has all but concluded it is over. In what make-believe world does he reside? His words ring rather hollow, and his actions indicate the opposite of what he says:

On the Run

He doesn’t exactly inspire confidence:

 Show the Flag

He has gone out of his way to deny that Muslim extremism is a problem. Take the trial just now starting for the Ft. Hood jihadist who killed thirteen in his rampage. Our government refuses to call it a terrorist act. It continues to use the euphemism “workplace violence” to describe what occurred. By avoiding the obvious, this doesn’t even allow the families of those who were shot to receive benefits; neither can anyone killed or injured in the attack be awarded any medals for their actions in trying to stop it. Frankly, this is a farce of the highest order.

In Obamaworld, Muslims made major contributions to the history of the United States. I’m an American historian; I have yet to see those contributions. How many Muslims signed the Declaration of Independence? Were there any who suffered with Washington at Valley Forge? What Islamic principles are embodied in the Constitution? Which Muslim leaders of business and industry built the American economy? Fought for this country in WWII? The list of questions could be endless. The answer to each question would be identical.

The Muslim religion as a whole, and the radicals who take it to its logical conclusion, have nothing but contempt for the Christian faith upon which this nation was based originally. Further, their goal is to exterminate all they consider to be infidels. It doesn’t really matter what we do; it’s just who we are that sets them off. Even if we pulled out of every Muslim-dominated country in the world, they would not be satisfied:

Hate Us

It’s well past time to face reality. This is a war. It would be nice to have a commander in chief who realizes it.