The Unholy Political Trinity

Sometimes, the media can’t ignore news they would rather not trumpet, particularly in the case of bad behavior by Democrat politicians. They’ve been hit with a double whammy lately, although, as I will explain further on, to me it’s a triple whammy.

Anthony WeinerIt all began with Anthony Weiner, who has to be one of the most clueless men on the planet. After being disgraced in 2011 for his mania for exposing himself via cellphone pictures and explicit sexting, he’s at it again. His earlier foray into public depravity led to his resignation from Congress. Yet now he’s back repeating that identical behavior even while running for mayor of New York City.

The idea that he should even run for mayor after his previous actions is ludicrous in itself. What is it that makes him think he is so indispensable as a “public servant”? Well, when you love yourself more than anything or anyone else, it’s not hard to be deluded.

I Love Me

Even more astounding is that prior to the latest revelations, he was actually leading in the polls. That could only happen in a place as jaded as New York City perhaps. But Weiner appears to be too far gone even for a post-Christian culture such as NYC; he’s now last in the polls. That offers some measure of encouragement, however slight. Voters with integrity would have realized from the start he should be finished as a politician.

Weiner Text

 One shudders to think what could have happened in the 1990s:

This Technology

Bob Filner The second member of the current unholy trinity is San Diego mayor Bob Filner, a former Democrat congressman. “Filthy Filner,” as he is now dubbed by his critics, is facing accusations from ten women for inappropriate touching and fondling. Calls for his resignation have gone unheeded. Incidentally, few of those calls have come from Democrat party leadership. They’ve remained rather silent. And what about President Obama? Why has he said nothing? He hasn’t been reluctant to insert himself into other events disconnected from the presidency. Now that there is a sex scandal in his own party, he has nothing to say?

Have to Handle

What has Filner’s response been? Why, he’s doing what all the celebrities now do: he’s checked himself into a rehab center for sexual addiction. You see, it’s not really his fault; it’s out of his control; it’s a disease of some kind. His lawyer is even demanding that the taxpayers pick up the tab for his rehabilitation stint. Why? It’s the city’s fault for not providing Filner with proper sexual harassment training. You see, if he had had that training, he wouldn’t have done all these terrible things. Therefore, the city is to blame. Filner is the poster boy for how warped our concept of personal accountability has become.

Meanwhile, anyone remember how the Democrats were always talking about the Republicans’ War on Women?

 War on Women

Let’s be honest. The whole War on Women theme was a political ploy based solely on Republicans’ desire to limit abortion. Abortion, of course, is the ultimate war on women, as more than half of the lives taken by this barbaric practice are women.

Eliot SpitzerThe third Democrat politician in this triumverate is former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who had to resign that position back in 2008 over his involvement with prostitutes. If not for Weiner and Filner, he might be drawing more attention. Spitzer also is trying to make a political comeback, running for comptroller of New York City. Are there really no other options for New Yorkers? Are the only ones available disgraced politicians trying to insert themselves back into power?

Even before Spitzer’s sexual escapades derailed him, I was wary of him. He was a determined foe of pro-lifers, even to the point of using racketeering laws against them. His downfall was richly deserved, and he hardly deserves a reprieve this time around.

The common factor in all three stories is the apparently insatiable desire to hold public office. These are men who are addicted to political power and don’t know what to do with themselves if they aren’t living off the taxpayers. They are part of a growing class that produces nothing of significance for the society, yet believes they are indispensable for the well-being of our citizens.

They are wrong. None of them should be in a position of political influence. Character does matter in politics, and it’s well past the time that voters should come to grips with that reality.