The Stonewalling Continues

The public’s attention span is short. That’s what Obama is counting on with respect to the ongoing scandals swirling around his administration. He and his people have come up with one of the most brazen excuses in human history to deflect scrutiny: they claim all information has been revealed and any further investigations are all politically inspired and phony.  They are mere distractions, we are told. Those words—phony and distraction—have become the theme. They hope if they repeat them often enough, people will begin to believe their tall tale:

Don't Be Distracted

Part of the tall tale is that the economy is robust due to Obama’s policies. Then, on the other hand, he goes out speaking and telling his handpicked audiences that Republicans are keeping us from a good economy. So which is it, good or bad? As always, they’re trying to have it both ways for political advantage.

Let’s get back to the scandals. Which ones are phony? Jay Carney yesterday fingered both Benghazi and the IRS debacle as phony. Some would beg to differ:

Pass It On

Real people died in Benghazi. First Amendment free speech died at the IRS. Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches died with the scope of the NSA data collection. Justice seems to be dead at the Justice Department, which is supposed to treat all people the same under the law. True justice should be blind as to how the law is applied, but under Eric Holder, that concept has expired as well:

Holder DOJ

Obama is the only one who can identify a genuine scandal, according to Obama:

Phony Scandals

He seeks to distract the public from the root problem:

The Real Scandal

If the stonewalling were to stop, and all information relating to these various scandals would be released, I firmly believe they would all lead back to the man in the Oval Office. He knows that, too. That’s why the stonewalling will continue.