Travails of Obamacare

Last week I provided a litany of political cartoons demonstrating the ongoing issues with the implementation of Obamacare. That was so well received that I’ve decided to offer another cartoon series today. The follies of this “landmark” piece of legislation are so legion that cartoons are the most appropriate way of highlighting them, in my opinion. We can begin with a reminder of how this bill became law in the first place:

Force Fed

It’s a given that it wouldn’t have passed the current Congress; Republicans in the House would have stood unified against it. That’s another reminder, if we need one, that midterm congressional elections are just as important as presidential elections.

As the new law lumbers into action, a few kinks have been discovered:


And when things don’t work out as the starry-eyed proponents expected, there’s only one thing to do—that’s right, throw it in the Republicans’ lap and blame them. Why? Because it’s standard operating procedure for this administration:

Fix It

 Made Me Do

Yet, despite this comedy of errors, Obama and his people put on a happy face and say nothing’s wrong. They seem incapable of seeing the train wreck approaching:

 Right Track

The latest news is that many of the unions that were solidly in Obama’s camp have suddenly awakened to the disaster that awaits them if it should ever be implemented. They are crying out for—shall I say it?—hope and change. But again, what do we hear from the administration?

Right on Time

Is this the cluelessness of the ideologically blind or just another example of dishonesty in the hope of fooling the masses one more time? Maybe both?