Obama, Energy, & Jobs: An Ideological Agenda

One would think a president would want his nation to be energy independent, wouldn’t one? Yet from the very start, President Obama seems to have done everything possible to forestall that possibility. He has attacked oil and coal while promoting “green” energy companies. Even his so-called stimulus bill included millions for green companies, many of which either squandered the money or went out of business. He has opposed the Keystone pipeline on behalf of environmental extremists and has practically declared coal to be evil. His entire approach to energy also has had the effect of hurting the economy, particularly the job market:

Energy Policy

Give him a choice between providing real energy and spending money, and you know what he will choose every time:

Burns Cleaner

He does excel at one thing, though, when it comes to wind energy:

 Which One

And have you noticed a little inconsistency when it comes to the role of government?

Govt Out

This administration’s ideological agenda is proving disastrous in countless ways.