Cartoonists on Obamacare

Loss of internet service and a tight schedule kept me from posting a blog yesterday. My schedule is just as tight today, so I’m going to let the political cartoons carry the message. The subject? Obamacare, and its inglorious unraveling. Let’s begin with an allusion to the tragedy at the San Francisco airport a few days ago:

Warning Lights

Whether it’s as a pilot or as a president, we don’t need someone who’s not up to the job. The pilot probably will not fly again; unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the president. That same theme shows up in this cartoon:

Don't Rush Me

There have been a rash of cartoons commenting on the unilateral decision to delay aspects of Obamacare’s implementation:

 Let's Stop Here

 Line Item Veto

The phoniest part of it all is the pronouncement that everything is fine, that all the delays and incompetence are to be ignored:

Complete Success

And then of course there’s the purely political side, which has brought the cartoonists’ cynicism to the forefront:

 Use As Directed

Obama has sold a lot of people on a fabulous dream based on bad economics, government destruction of individual liberty, and outright fakery. He’s now trying to push away the consequences until he’s no longer around to take the blame.