Please Tell Me I’m Wrong

It just keeps getting better and better. Well, what I really mean is worse and worse. Did you catch the latest with the IRS? Despite all the furor over that agency’s actions, it goes ahead with plans to give bonuses to its employees.


Is it possible to be more out of touch with the anger and resentment boiling among the populace? Have the key players there even considered how to change their ways?

Back to Work

And where is the Obama administration in all this? What kind of leading role is the president taking to tackle the problems? Has anyone seen him lately, other than giving a lackluster speech in Berlin or talking about how divisive Christian schools are? Where is true leadership? What about the pledge to be transparent? Some would say he’s kept that pledge, only not in the way everyone expected:

 Most Transparent Administration

And what difference will this make when the next election comes around? Here’s what I fear:

Mr. Low-Info Voter

Tell me I’m wrong. Please.