The Face Behind It All

As more facts emerge about the NSA’s program of collecting all the info it can in an effort to stop terrorism, I remain firmly where I was when this revelation occurred: it is important to have access to records that might thwart terrorist activity, yet caution must prevail with regard to how wide the net is cast. Searches must be limited to individuals who have had contact with terrorists or organizations known to have terrorist connections. The Fourth Amendment still exists.

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While I’m disturbed by the possibilities of abuse, especially under an administration like the current one, I nevertheless agree that finding out who is wanting to attack you, and being able to stop it, is a legitimate government action. I am not in agreement with the perspective that says we inherently have more to fear from our own government than from those who seek to destroy us through terrorism. That doesn’t mean, though, that the threat from our own government is to be ignored; I write often enough about the threat to religious liberty via Obamacare and other pernicious acts. Yet we’re not Communist China or North Korea. Not yet. Edward Snowden doesn’t seem to understand that distinction. Fleeing to a Chinese-ruled city betrays a certain foolishness and/or lack of understanding on his part:

Count On Us

To me, the scandal that is the most dangerous to American liberty is the IRS’s attempt to stifle conservative groups’ political speech. I don’t watch a lot of news from the usual suspects—CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC—but I’ve followed the analysis of their coverage of this scandal. The bottom line seems to be “what coverage?” After an initial burst of interest, they have gone on to other, more important, things. You know, like the baby born to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now there’s real news of the highest significance for every American.

In my opinion, the mainstream media doesn’t want to dig deeper; they’re afraid they may find that this scandal goes to the very top:

Use the IRS

In fact, I think they’re concerned that if they do their job well, they may topple an entire regime, one to which they are committed ideologically:


Perhaps they fear the picture will become increasingly clear:

Obama Face

If that were to happen, they would be forced to admit they’ve been wrong all along:

Shocking Turnaround

The truth can be hard to face, particularly when you place all your hopes on a false political messiah.