National Healthcare=National Trauma

Even as the more prominent scandals and investigations continue to unfold, there’s always Obamacare to capture our attention. What’s the latest on that? If you’ve been keeping up, you know that it seems to be on a collision course of sorts. Polls indicate it’s more unpopular than ever, and the reason is that people are now beginning to feel its effects. Bravado about its inevitability may be premature:


On the issue of cost, we’re seeing projections that premiums may rise astronomically in the next few years:

Rate Shock

Those “exchanges” that are supposed to be set up aren’t going too well either. The whole thing is turning into a bureaucratic morass—but then is that so unusual? Don’t the words “bureaucratic” and “morass” go together normally?

And remember that big promise the president made a few years ago? What of that?


In the shady tradition of all snake-oil salesmen, that was another whopper. Just today, I heard that Aetna is dropping all personal health insurance policies in California. That’s the first snowball in the coming avalanche. If the administration has its way, everyone will eventually be forced onto the government plan. Interestingly, some of Obama’s biggest supporters in his campaigns are now shrinking back from this healthcare nightmare as they see its tentacles begin to reach out and touch them:

Your Medicine

When Sarah Palin referred to the coming government review of each person’s medical needs, the mainstream media laughed at her “death panels” rhetoric. Yet we’ve now seen a glimpse of what is coming. That ten-year-old girl who needed a lung transplant was denied by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who said the rules cannot be changed. She also said she didn’t have the authority to change them, which was not true. In fact, she simply became the ultimate bureaucrat, dictating who can live and who will die:

Rules Are Rules

Fortunately, in the case of this little girl, a court overruled Sebelius and the transplant occurred without her approval. We can’t always rely on a court doing that, however. If Obamacare is ever fully implemented, it won’t be only healthcare that will be nationalized; we will also suffer a national trauma.