The Dedicated Remnant

In case you missed this important announcement a couple of weeks ago from President Obama, let me remind you of it right now: the War on Terror is over! We’ve won! The threats have diminished to the point where we can officially declare it passé. I’m glad to be the bearer of such good news.

Well, let’s be serious now. For a war to be over, both sides must agree it is over:

Endless War

Anyone who believes that Muslim radicalism is a spent force has little connection to reality. That’s why it is imperative that we have at the highest levels of our government individuals who have shown a remarkable ability to be clear-sighted and not easily duped. People like, well . . .

Susan Rice

In case you have Benghazi amnesia, Rice went on five Sunday talk shows the week four of our people were killed in a terrorist attack in Libya. Her message? This was all backlash from an anti-Muslim YouTube video. That fiction continued for a couple more weeks, with the president propping up the story all along. Sorry, but Susan Rice as National Security Advisor doesn’t make me feel the least bit secure.

National Whopper Advisor

A few journalists have asked a very significant question in light of the NSA revelations. If that War on Terror is really over, why are we so obsessed with massive data collection?

War Over

Another question that has been raised is if we are so adept at data-mining for the purpose of thwarting terrorism, how did the Boston Marathon bombers so easily pass inspection? Where was the scrutiny? Could this failure be traced back perhaps to political correctness, our over-sensitivity to offending Muslims?  I also picked up on another problem with the captured Boston terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. After he was apprehended, a segment of our population developed a rather unhealthy fascination with him:

Too Cute

Can a nation that is rapidly losing its spiritual/moral basis stand in the face of an enemy that is fanatically devoted to its false ideology? It’s my conviction that our only hope is that those who know the One who is Truth will be faithful to their calling. As we’re told repeatedly in Scripture, we must be steadfast in the faith. We don’t have to be the majority. God works through the dedicated remnant.