Overwhelmed by Scandals?

We’re in danger of having our senses overwhelmed by the sheer number of scandals emanating from the current administration. One might think this would do severe damage, yet, as during the Clinton years, it’s possible the public may become desensitized with the constant flow of information. We may hit the “overload” point. That would be devastating for the future health of the nation. We must stay focused and get to the whole truth.

Another concern is that the newest scandal, that of the NSA data-mining, will dwarf the others for media attention. As troubling as the NSA situation may be, even with some of the complexities that might not make it as bad as it seems, we shouldn’t allow it to shove the other problems to one side.

We’ve heard little about Benghazi lately. Yet four people died as a result of bad decisions, and it was followed by a major misdirection, blaming it all on a YouTube video. That has proven to be a lie. I’m hoping the congressional committees responsible for following up on this won’t let it languish and disappear from the public view. Justice has not been served.

The DOJ interference with the free press, and in particular the attempt to make James Rosen of Fox into a co-conspirator in a crime, deserves our continued attention also. This is a direct threat to freedom of the press.

Even the IRS attack on conservative groups is losing coverage. The only discipline for the government employees involved thus far is the false firing of Steven Miller and the administrative leave for Lois Lerner. I say false firing because Miller was scheduled to step down anyway. As for that administrative leave, well, I suspect a lot of workers wouldn’t mind that:

Administrative Leave

When representatives of conservative groups showed up for a congressional hearing last week to detail the abuses they have suffered under IRS scrutiny, neither ABC nor CNN had even one minute of coverage of that testimony. CBS and NBC weren’t much better—they came in at three minutes each. When you consider that CNN is a twenty-four-hour news channel, that’s particularly appalling. They apparently don’t care when conservatives receive such treatment:

Who Is This

If there’s any way to shift blame from the IRS to conservatives, the mainstream media will concoct it:

IRS Racist

Meanwhile, more video has surfaced of IRS employees enjoying themselves by virtue of the taxpayers. This time they put on a Star Trek skit. We’re paying for this?

The Final Frontier

We’re being so inundated with scandals, the federal government might have to change its phone messages:

Government Helpline

While I’m hopeful some measure of justice will come out of all this, there’s one result that can’t be changed at this point:

Could Be Worse

If only we had a media that would do its job.