Holder, Obama, & the Current Scandals

The pressure is mounting on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign. His transgressions predate the current scandals, but these recent revelations certainly highlight the basic character of the man. This is a character that was evident to many from the start, but only now has the knowledge spread to the more general population. The chief law enforcer for the country should be above reproach. That doesn’t describe Holder.


In the bizzaro world of Democrat politics, President Obama doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with having Holder conduct the investigation into himself:

Got a Lead

Possible Co-conspirator

Without going into all the details of Holder’s inconsistencies—otherwise known as lies—one thing has become painfully obvious:

Can't Stand the Heat

Yet, with all the attention on Holder, the man who is ultimately responsible is not receiving the focus he deserves for his part in all the scandals. Of course, his defense is that either he is totally ignorant or completely incompetent. That’s supposed to inspire confidence?

My Job

Lead from Behind

The one talent he has honed during his tenure is the ability to blame others for whatever goes wrong. For a while, it was all George Bush’s fault. Now he’s having to look for other scapegoats:

Low-Level Staffers

If you’re looking for someone to model how to throw others under the bus, you’ve found him.