The Source of All the Scandals?

Have you noticed how often Friday afternoons become a dumping ground for bad news? The Obama administration has become skilled at releasing all information harmful to the president late on Fridays when few are watching. They apparently hope that the coming weekend will limit the damage. Some commentators have begun to refer to this as the “Friday Dump.”

Well, I’m about to do some dumping of my own today, but at least I’m not hiding it. There have been so many great political cartoons dealing with the various Obama scandals that I’m just going to dump a bunch of them on you with minimal commentary of my own.

Benghazi has taken a back seat lately, but I predict it will be coming back strong sooner than one might think. That’s why political prognosticators should be careful:

Premature Poll

The DOJ’s interference with our free press, and its attempt to label one journalist a criminal for merely pursuing a story, still is making headlines, and will continue to do so as long as the press feels threatened:

Acts of Journalism

However, the scandal that seems to resonate the most with the public, simply because they are ripe for being targeted as well, is the IRS seeking to stifle the political speech and activities of conservatives. This one may well have tilted the last presidential election in Obama’s favor as many groups were kept from fundraising and working as tax-exempt organizations.

Filing Status

Take the Fifth

What’s interesting is that “taking the Fifth” has made a 180-degree turn:

I'm Taking the Fifth

It’s nice to know Ms. Lerner now has an appreciation for the Constitution. I wonder what would happen if taxpayers took the same approach to the IRS that the IRS is now taking with regard to this scandal?

Try This

In all of this, of course, the president is out of the loop, in the dark, hardly knowing what’s going on:

At No Time

Convenient. One cartoonist, though, has put his finger on what may be the most disconcerting aspect in all of this:

Most Troubling

Where does the source of all the problems lie? Here’s a suggestion:

Internet Video