Fulfilling My Calling

Since many politicians say “let me be very clear” without really meaning it, I hesitate to use the same phrase—but I do want to reemphasize something. It is not a delightful thing to me to constantly point out the hypocrisies of our president and his administration. I do so only because I believe it needs to be done. It would be far more edifying and and enjoyable to write always about examples of integrity and truth-telling. Yet I feel “called,” if I may use that word, to highlight the inconsistencies and sins of leaders and the citizenry alike. The purpose? To show the contrast with the godly character that is absolutely necessary for our society to flourish the way God intended.

Being a Jeremiah-like character is not fun. It’s especially hard for someone like me who loves to see the humor in life. Perhaps that’s why I use political cartoons so often. They allow a serious point to be made while simultaneously offering a comical take on that which is serious.

For instance, recently, President Obama visited Mexico, where he gave a speech that pretty much blamed the United States for all the violence in Mexico. I think he relies on low-information voters and those with short memories to try to get away with making comments that are the height of hypocrisy:

Now, for the sake of any low-information citizens viewing that cartoon, let me remind you that Operation Fast and Furious was a gun-running scheme of this administration that led to a U.S. border agent being killed, as well as hundreds of Mexicans. For the president to sanctimoniously make such statements is inexcusable. Someone ought to make a movie:

Rest assured I will continue to fulfill my calling, no matter how distasteful it can be at times. Renewal can begin only after first acknowledging the problems.