So Who Needs Pressure Cookers Anyway?

President Obama suffered a stunning defeat the other day when gun control legislation failed to pass Congress. His statement afterwards was vintage Obama: arrogant, whining, blaming. This has become a wearisome pattern these past four-plus years. The fact is, none of the proposed legislation would have done anything to prevent gun violence.

The Boston bombers had unregistered guns. Boston has strict gun control laws. That worked well, didn’t it? How many times do we have to be shown that criminals and terrorists don’t pay any attention to those laws? They only work against law-abiding citizens who wish to be able to defend themselves should the need arise.

The terrorists who set off the bombs at the marathon used pressure cookers, not guns. If we wish to follow the gun-control advocates’ logic, this is where we will need to go:

And of course we’ll be assured it’s not a threat to take away all cookware:

Did you notice that the president continues to have a hard time connecting dots? When the Ft. Hood shooter shouted “Allah akbar” when he went on his murderous rampage, we were told not to jump to conclusions as to his motives. The two Boston Marathon bombers were devout Muslims who took jihad seriously. YouTube videos and linked Internet sites from the the older brother make this abundantly clear. Yet, once again, we are cautioned not to assume their religion motivated them. We’re always, it seems, investigating “why” these terrorists do what they do. And this administration is loathe to ever admit the obvious truth:

This political correctness is going to be the death of us—literally—as Joe Biden would say.