Unfair & Unbalanced

As regulars readers of this blog know, one of my principal concerns is the manner in which the news media present—or fail to present—stories. A twin concern is the entertainment media, with its subtle undermining of Biblical morality in its programming. There are also times when the mainstream news media act almost like entertainment media. When it’s hard to tell the difference, you know we’re in deep trouble.

The events of last week with the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent chase and investigation of the bombers gave the media an opportunity to redeem itself. With the exception of Fox News, it failed miserably. If you followed closely what was proclaimed on many of the networks, you heard a variety of commentators practically falling over themselves in hopes that the bombers would prove to be angry Tea Partiers. The worst offender, naturally, was MSNBC, with Chris Matthews, as usual, leading the way. Disappointment reigned supreme when the bombers were revealed to be Muslims with ties to radical groups, perhaps even Al Qaeda. The networks’ theme was destroyed.

They also were adept at their other primary tasks:

Sometimes it could get rather comical, despite the seriousness of the story:

Meanwhile, the other massacre that should have held our attention remained in the deep background:

After all, in the view of the mainstream press, some stories really aren’t stories at all, particularly when they challenge their ideology:

If you still expect fair and balanced reporting from any of the major networks besides Fox, you’re living in a fantasy world.