Obama Initiatives?

President Obama is doing his best to stay prominent in the news cycle. He’s trying hard to be innovative and relevant. For instance, he announced a brain mapping initiative, designed to conquer epilepsy, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease. I sincerely hope it’s successful. While the scientists are at it, they might want to map the president’s brain as well. Who knows what they may find?

As they go about their brain mapping, those scientists may discover some limitations have been placed on their research:

Obama followed up that initiative with another. Well, to call it an initiative might be a stretch—we’ve seen this before:

Yes, believe it or not, he wants to jump start that old program that allowed nearly everyone to buy a house regardless of credit rating or ability to make the payments. What kind of amnesia is this? Can he really have forgotten the housing bubble that led to the recession in 2008? Is he really so ideologically blinded that he would rush into that despite all the evidence that it leads to chaos and financial ruin? The short answer: yes, he is.

Well, at least he came up with a budget—late, of course—but one that will be just as well received as his last two, neither of which garnered any votes in Congress. The Medicare cutbacks and Social Security fix have angered the progressive element of his coalition; the complete lack of spending restraint makes it a dead letter with conservatives. Finally, something both sides can agree on:

Perhaps the final insult to the leader of the free world was the death of Margaret Thatcher. How is that an insult? Comparisons can be made, and the president doesn’t fare too well on that score:

Oh, for genuine leadership again!