The Obamacare Sinkhole

“Obamacare Incompetence.” Those aren’t my words; they belong to Joe Klein, a big-government activist who camouflages himself as a writer for Time magazine. He’s worried that the total disregard for implementing Obamacare, by Obama himself and his underlings, will spell its doom. One can only hope he’s a prophet.

Those “exchanges” that were supposed to be set up to facilitate the takeover of America’s healthcare system don’t seem to be happening. A large number of states refuse to do them, so it falls on the federal government to devise them instead, according to the law. The feds are apparently flummoxed by the details and are stalled:

And if the government itself is floundering trying to figure out the intricacies of this boondoggle, how will consumers feel if it ever goes into effect?

That’s why we’ve just learned that, in order to help people to find their way through the maze, the government is now poised to hire tens of thousands of “navigators”—bureaucrats who will make sure you understand what it’s all about—that is, if they can understand it first.

And then there’s the cost. Anyone remember Obama’s promises about how this will bring down healthcare costs? Sure you do. It was one of his main selling points. However . . .

Okay, scratch that selling point. This thing is growing to be exactly the menace many of us warned it would be:

Where will it lead the country?

Again, exactly what we predicted. There’s a new challenge to the act coming to the Supreme Court. There’s the very real possibility the Republicans could take over both houses of Congress after the 2014 elections. There’s hope that the electorate, by 2016, will have had enough of this monstrosity that they will return to sanity. Yes, there is hope. No guarantees, but the possibility for overturning this remains.