Perils of the Uninformed Voter

I asked one of my classes yesterday if they thought the average American voter was well informed enough to make intelligent decisions in elections. I found they pretty much mirrored my own views that most voters were woefully uninformed, and that they made their decisions on the flimsiest of reasons at times. Rarely does anyone think in terms of principles when casting a vote. All too often, they are more interested in what they believe the candidate is going to give to them.

What else can explain why Barack Obama could win reelection despite the awful economy? A significant number of voters must not be aware of his failures. Of course, he often seems to be unaware of his failures as well:

Then there are the truly serious issues that get swept under the media rug by a fawning assembly of reporters, thereby limiting the public’s knowledge of their importance:

All one needs to do is read the litany of silly statements that have emanated from this administration to understand the incompetence and ideological blindness that keep us from reversing our misfortunes:

Don’t pass by that cartoon because it seems too full of words. Read those statements carefully and realize how much of a fantasy world has been foisted upon us. And we’ll never break its iron grip upon us if we don’t stand strong against Obama’s strategy for continued victory:

It’s time to stop being so gullible. God gave us brains. We should use them.