Farewell to the Jobs Council–We Hardly Knew Ye

In 2009, President Obama created the Jobs Council to work very hard on recommendations for strengthening the economy. The Chair was Jeffrey Immelt, who runs General Electric. He’s also a big Obama supporter on this “non-partisan” council. Another prominent member was Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, which provided the shock troops for Obama in the last election. Good to know he’s non-partisan as well. There also were probably some genuine people on this council that really wanted to do something useful. However, since its inception nearly four years ago, the council has met only four times, the last meeting occurring one year ago. Apparently, they had nothing to talk about. The economy is thriving, jobs are being created at a record pace, and . . . oh, wait a minute . . . sorry, that was a White House talking point, not an actual report.

Last week, the Jobs Council was shut down for good. There’s no longer a need for it since its main purpose seemed to be providing cover for the president. It created the appearance he was doing something about the economy. Now that he’s won reelection, the need to provide cover has dissipated.

Jobs Council or not, we’re still stuck in the same old economy we’ve had throughout the Obama years, and we continue to hear the same old refrain for why things are dragging:

Yes, unlike the Jobs Council, the blame game has not shut down.

With this approach, don’t expect anything to improve anytime soon.