Battling Ignorance & Foolishness

The gun-control debate is not going to end, although I have trouble believing Congress will do anything drastic. There are simply too many Democrats who are hesitant to go with the flow of the emotional appeal on this subject. The emotional argument is all gun-control advocates have on their side; the statistics and the Constitution stand firmly opposed to the emotional approach. Considering what Congress accomplished with healthcare, I’m relieved by its reluctance to step into uncharted territory this time:

They also have to listen to their constituents, and most Americans recognize the importance of self-defense, even if they are generally ignorant of constitutional guarantees. Still, one never knows if ignorance and foolishness will once again prevail:

Even President Obama seems to be feeling some heat on this one. In an attempt to sound like a regular guy, he commented that he goes shooting “all the time.” We then discovered that meant he has done some skeet shooting at Camp David. One source, though, indicates he was rather uncomfortable doing it and didn’t stay more than five minutes. So we have no knowledge of how good a shot he may be. However, given the appropriate target, I’m sure his accuracy would be excellent:

Battling ignorance and foolishness can be a full-time job. We’ll need to stay on top of this fight for at least another four years.